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Finding a needle in a haystack

Our mobile and voice assistant platform predicts work performance and career longevity by connecting the dots between personality, intelligence,  and patterns of behavior.


Disruptive approach

Predictive career matches and improved job performance begins by assessing existing employees and liberating their professional data from HR systems.

inspired science

We leverage mobile video, voice assistants, gaming, and bio-metric data to build intelligent cloud based profiles to predict job performance, improve retention, and disrupt career management.

Say hello to 3x better matches

In the absence of data based decisions, managers select the optimal candidate only 20-25% of the time. Our combined approach yields objective results that can be benchmarked against internal performance data and trends.



Mobile, voice assistants, and bots will empower our lives as decision enablers. Our automated platform allows people to modify their work profile in real-time.

For example a job applicant who shares new skills via Amazon Echo, would receive a new probability of hire. Meanwhile, Alexa passes this information to a TMS so recruiters and managers not only receive the likelihood of performance fit, but the profiles or personas of “scrappy” candidates are generated automatically - those with the grit to “punch above their weight class” in order to grow and contribute to company success.  



People are not a commodity, so hiring shouldn’t be viewed as a transaction. Rather, the process of hiring and retention is a continuous cycle. That’s why we don’t offer a job posting pricing model. Instead, we focus on the longevity of your company, which requires understanding your people and adapting this learning to all manners of your business


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