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Frequently Asked Questions

General Purpose

What is the purpose or goal of this effort?

As veterans ourselves, we believe we know you have ability that goes well beyond what’s represented on your resume, LinkedIn, job board, or any of the other one-dimensional tools used to express your value.

Our goal is to demonstrate this ability by focusing on answering the right question, “What can you do?” rather than, “What have you done?”

People who elect to use the Hireskout platform will be asked a series of video based questions that are designed to better capture a person’s leadership style, critical thinking approach, and personality type.  We know that representing your intelligence and strength of personality matters far more than the jobs you’ve held in the past.

How will my use of this service help my fellow veterans?

As a professional who has moved on to a successful private sector career, you are in the unique position of validating what we all know is true – you have high ability, strength of character, and you add value to your organization and your peers.

By taking our assessment your score will provide empirical evidence of your ability and temperament consistent with high performing professionals.

What is the objective of Hireskout?

The objective is to reduce bias in hiring. Of course Hireskout is interested in improving inclusive hiring practices by reducing bias as it pertains to gender, age, ethnicity and so forth. But this isn’t our direct line of focus.  Instead, Hireskout objectively evaluates candidates based on their ability first and foremost. Studies do show that when assessment based hiring is used, inclusion goes up.

Hence, Hireskout is focused on reducing the bias of assessing whether a particular person is well suited for a role based on more traditional methods, including but not limited to: a person’s past work experience (the company or companies they’ve worked for), the past workplace titles the person has held, where a person went to school, what certificates or training a person holds, or what others might say in a reference about the person (i.e., just because you’re “well connected” doesn’t mean a person will perform well or poorly at a particular company or in a particular role).

Hireskout seeks to ensure more veterans are hired for jobs for which they are well suited for success based on their ability, not their work history. Simple statement? Yes. A complex problem? Yes.

We’ve all been there or know of someone who has heard the common refrain, “Thank you for your service. Your resume is impressive. But I don’t see the relevant experience here to realistically consider you for X,Y,Z role…”

Well, perhaps we’ve been asking the wrong question or looking at the wrong source for determining fit or probability of success. Rather than work history, why not discern the probability of success based on ability? That’s what we’re here to demonstrate. That’s where your contribution will help us illustrate that ability is really the right measure.


Who should use the Hireskout platform?

Initially we’re looking for active duty members in the process of transition or veterans 2-10 years removed from active military service.

For example, if you left the military and went to school immediately upon leaving the service for two-years to finish your degree and have at least 2-years work experience, we would welcome your participation.

If you’re still finishing your degree, but you’re either working full-time or you entered the workforce immediately upon leaving the service, we would welcome your participation as well.

I’m still finishing my degree, but I’m working full-time. Should I use Hireskout?

Yes. If you are a veteran and you have yet to complete your degree but you’re working full-time, we would be interested in your participation.

I am a Reservist or Guard member of the Armed Forces. Should I use Hireskout?

Yes. Even if you are still serving as a Reservist or a Guard member in the Armed Forces and you possess at least 2-years of work experience, you are welcome to participate.

I am not a veteran but I am interested in participating in this study to help veterans. Should I use Hireskout?

Presently we’re focused on assisting veterans. We intend to expand our services in the near future. If you would be interested in submitting your name for future consideration, please go ahead and register and we’ll add you to our mailing list and keep your profile active for future consideration.

I am the spouse of a veteran and I’m interested in participating. Should I use Hireskout?

Yes and thank you for the sacrifices you make and the all that you do to support your active duty spouse. You deserve much praise for your spouse’s career success and the defense of our nation.

As the spouse of a military member or veteran, we believe you possess many of the same attributes and qualities consistent with those of service women and men.

Data & Privacy

How will my information and/or my answers be used?

For a comprehensive overview, please refer to our privacy policy and our terms of service.

Generally speaking, we seek to discover the most relevant information about your ability (critical thinking) and your personality. We will then seek to match you with people and companies that are seeking abilities and personalities consistent with your attributes - a relationship if you will. After all, working is about connecting with other people, not joining an organization. Hence, we believe matching people is crucial towards finding fulfillment and success in the workplace.

Who owns my data?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions for detailed information regarding your data.

Our goal is to democratize professional data ownership. We seek to create intelligent cloud based professional personas that individuals could take with them throughout their professional career, regardless of company.

So, rather than locking away your professional performance reviews, your professional growth, your data that could inform how best to grow as a professional and person behind a proprietary system (i.e., walled garden), we seek to unlock your professional persona and allow you to add to it overtime, informing your understanding of your strengths and areas where you could grow.

Moreover, we seek to offer you suggestions on how you could improve your likelihood of being screened for that next job, position in the company, or consideration for a new project or assignment. By understanding your ability and personality, we can suggest matches associated with mentors, training, education, groups, seminars, and more in order to move you to a higher probability of consideration and ultimately achievement of your goals and professional growth.

Do I have the right to be removed from further study consideration?

You have the right to delete your personal account at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive explanation.  Moreover, you may want to consult the corporate policies of your parent company and or of the company for which you are applying, for a full understanding of your rights under their policies and procedures.

Once you opt out, we will not publish your personal information but we may use your historical information on file to assist with product development, research, and so forth in the pursuit of the delivery and betterment of our products and services.


Will I be able to see my results?

Yes. Our intention is to provide every participant with an individual profile that may include your personality type (inclination), your relative cognitive ability compared to the universe of measured respondents, and suggestions on how to improve professionally.

Will I be able to see the results of others?

While you will not be able to see specific individual level detail, our intention is to provide data visualization tools (static or dynamic) that illustrate the distribution of respondents, the mean, the median, clusters, etc.

Next Steps, Staying in Touch, & Sharing the Opportunity

I completed the survey what’s next?

Congratulations and thank you! You should have already received an automated email informing you that you’ve completed the study and an estimated time for the delivery of your results and the results of the larger group.  If you did not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder and settings. If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, please send an email to info@hireskout.com and a member of our team will strive to get back to you within 3-business days.

There may be follow up questions or follow up participation opportunities for select respondents. Our intention is to match participants with trial partner employees as a component of our work to demonstrate the efficacy of assessing ability and matching accordingly. If you are identified as someone we would like to participate in further components of the study, we will contact you directly.